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RFC 0: Standard 1: RFC Format and Semantics

Author: Robert Miles <khuxkm@tilde.team>

Status: Accepted


This RFC defines the format used by an RFC. RFCs in this system are stored as Markdown files with YAML front-matter. RFC files MAY be stored with any extension commonly used by markdown files.

This RFC also defines the semantics of how the RFC system will work.

Front-matter format

The front-matter MUST contain the following key-value pairs:

The front-matter MAY contain the following key-value pairs:

Note that the two lists should be added to in sequence; if RFC 2 updates RFC 1, then RFC 2 needs to have 1 in its updates and RFC 1 needs 2 in its updated-by.

Semantics of the RFC System

The RFC system for tilde boxes will be hosted at https://rfc.tildeverse.org/ and on the tildeverse gitea as tildeverse/rfcs.

Types of Documents

RFC documents are simply requests. They are for simple things like defining how something should work or how something should be done.

Standards documents are like mandates. They require something. For example, this document requires a would-be submitter to follow this format for RFCs. A Standards document can be amended by RFC documents, and any RFC documents in violation of a Standards document, unless otherwise stated within the Standards document, are invalid.

Procedural Section

Every RFC and Standards document should end with a procedural information section (id tagged implicitly as #procedural-section).

There are 2 sub-sections to the procedural info section:

Submission guidelines

An RFC should be submitted as a PR to the git repo. RFCs MUST come with a draft name.

For example, a draft name for an RFC to make tilde.chat allow IRC connections without SSL could be draft-tilde-chat-without-ssl.

The only time an RFC can omit the number tag in its front-matter is when it is a draft. Drafts do not have numbers and are of the status Proposed. If or when an RFC is accepted, it will be given a number (at which time it MUST be renamed rfcX.md, where X is the number). The status MUST be changed to Accepted and the number tag MUST contain the assigned number. When the former draft meets these requirements, the PR will be merged.

Procedural Information

Security Considerations

There are no security considerations to this document.

Configuration Considerations

A subdomain of tildeverse.org has been provisioned for the RFC project, and a repo has been created, in accordance with this document.